Definition of alhaji in English:



  • (in West Africa) a Muslim who has been to Mecca as a pilgrim (often used as a title).

    • ‘To keep a date with young and willing ladies of the night waiting patiently in furnished apartments rented by alhajis.’
    • ‘The few villages where rich individuals (alhajis) had tried to introduce and dominate PPP groups were later abandoned when the problems of domination became too obvious.’
    • ‘Everyone is welcomed to seek equity as in justice - devils, angels, vagabonds, pastors, alhajis, police, soldiers, prostitutes, etc.’
    • ‘Nigeria probably had the highest density of prophets, apostles, bishops, mullahs, alhajis and sheiks in the whole world.’


Hausa, from Arabic al ‘the’ + hājī ‘pilgrim’.