Definition of Alfonsine in English:


(also Alphonsine)


  • 1Chiefly in plural One of the scholars who prepared the astronomical tables for Alfonso X in Toledo in about 1272. Also: one of the followers or advocates of the astronomical system set out in these tables.

  • 2In plural The astronomical tables prepared for Alfonso X by these scholars, regarded collectively. rare.


  • Designating astronomical tables prepared in Toledo in about 1272 for Alfonso X and used to calculate the positions of the sun and the planets in relation to fixed stars; of or relating to such tables. Chiefly in "Alfonsine tables".


Late 16th century; earliest use found in Thomas Hill (b. c1528). From post-classical Latin Alphonsinus from Alphonsus, the name in Latin of AlfonsoX, King of Castile + classical Latin -īnus.