Definition of alexanders in English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular A European plant of the parsley family with yellowish flowers, formerly eaten as a salad vegetable.

    Smyrnium olusatrum, family Umbelliferae

    • ‘If Alexanders is not considered to be a rare plant in Shropshire because it is an "introduction" (Sinker, 1985) it certainly has an interesting, strange distribution here, and is one of our most striking plants.’
    • ‘But the beauty of most edible plants - nettles, dandelions, alexanders, fat hen, sorrel - is that they are so prolific they are considered a nuisance.’
    • ‘Evelyn commended the use of young shoots in salads or ‘in a vernal pottage’, while Caleb Threlkeld gave a recipe for an Irish ‘Lenten Potage’, a soup based on alexanders, watercress, and nettles.’


Old English alexandre, from medieval Latin alexandrum.