Definition of alchemic in English:



  • See alchemy

    • ‘But he did devote two prime decades to the minor if alchemic art of movie acting.’
    • ‘With a fine and deft delicacy, nature and landscape are imbued with a soft surrealism, edging towards an alchemic, almost spiritual symbolism.’
    • ‘In conjunction with the human voices on the soundtrack, the video installation indexes life as a process in between solidity and liquidity, in exchange and alchemic reaction.’
    • ‘We should all remember that senior civil servants and their political masters work together by some alchemic and creative tension to govern not just a company, but the country.’
    • ‘It is interesting that two centuries ago, when science was evolving past the alchemic level, scientists thought that it wouldn't be long before all the mysteries of the universe would be uncovered.’