Definition of albuminoid in English:



  • another term for scleroprotein
    • ‘Dogs fed a diet of only sugar and fat would not survive, but dogs whose diets included albuminoids would.’
    • ‘In [, in] 1846 the German Baron Justus von Liebig classified foodstuffs by their content of carbohydrates, fats, and oils, and what were then called ‘albuminoids’ or ‘nitrogenous matter’, now known as proteins.’
    • ‘It is natural that the albuminoids should have no specially allotted destination, since every part of the machine has to be maintained.’
    • ‘He found that albuminoids derived from decaying vegetable substances did not have the same effect.’
    • ‘The solution obtained by dissolving the absorbent albuminoid in the buffer advantageously contains 6% by weight of this albuminoid.’