Definition of albizzia in English:



  • A leguminous tree or shrub of warm climates, with feathery leaves and plume-like flowers.

    Genus Albizia, family Leguminosae

    • ‘With its mosaics and albizzias, there is an Italianate flavour about the setting, enhanced by the scent of its elegant gardens, but there is no mistaking the renowned French flair for hospitality and cuisine.’
    • ‘A dining room next to the living room, of 26 m², large family table, beautiful chimney with insert, two large French windows facing the sea, the third on to the albizzias.’
    • ‘Studies conducted by the National Coffee Research Center in 2004 found 96 bird species in the Kachalu farm region, a population that the center attributes to the wide variety of native trees that shade the coffee including ingas, eritrynas, cedars, ficus, albizzias and tubebuias, among others.’
    • ‘In its natural habitat tun is found growing in mixed stands comprising other broad-level species like terminalias, albizzias, bombax, ficuses, shisham, acacias, etc.’
    • ‘In fact, for those whose sexual dysfunction is emotionally related albizzia can be very effective.’


Modern Latin, named after Filippo degli Albizzi, a Tuscan nobleman who introduced the silk tree A. julibrizzen into Italy in the mid 18th century.