Definition of albite in English:



mass noun
  • A sodium-rich mineral of the feldspar group, typically white, occurring in silicate rocks.

    • ‘Brookite is best known from alpine-cleft-type occurrences, where it is round with anatase, rutile, titanite, quartz, adularia, albite, hematite, calcite, and chlorite.’
    • ‘They collected several pegmatite pockets in which topaz was associated with both clear and smoky quartz, microcline, albite, muscovite, fluorite, and cassiterite.’
    • ‘Here it was associated with quartz, albite, schorl, muscovite, and microcline in the intermediate zone.’
    • ‘A plagioclase feldspar, albite probably, occurs as parallel growths of transparent colorless to yellowish crystals.’
    • ‘The area has been a prolific source of smoky quartz, amazonite, occasional topaz, and other accessory minerals, including albite, fluorite, phenakite, columbite, cassiterite, goethite, and many others.’


Early 19th century: from Latin albus ‘white’ + -ite.