Definition of albinism in English:



  • See albino

    • ‘Though writer Kelly Milner Halls does a more than competent job of explaining how normal albinism is, page after page of red-eyed mice and bunnies is still totally icky.’
    • ‘If people with albinism seem to have reddish eyes, it's because light is being reflected from the back of the eye in much the same way as happens when people are photographed with an electronic flash.’
    • ‘Many are still unsettling - albinism often causes problems with the eyes and many of the portraits show this distinctly - but the revulsion/attraction finally stills to a quiet ‘okay’.’
    • ‘Claire has albinism, a genetic condition which affects the body's production of melanin, the chemical that gives colour to hair, skin and eyes.’
    • ‘Other signs and symptoms of albinism include vision problems, including sensitivity to light (photophobia).’