Definition of Albertan in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the Canadian province of Alberta or its inhabitants.

    ‘an isolated Albertan town’
    • ‘We feel really lucky to get a chance to play such a great venue, especially with such great Albertan bands.’
    • ‘His accent, I have noticed, is very specifically Albertan.’
    • ‘It certainly looks like a scarf that would be perfect for an Albertan autumn.’
    • ‘More dinosaur taxa occur in the individual Albertan formations than in the Aguja formation in Texas.’
    • ‘Albertan opposition parties are tiny to the point of insignificance.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the Canadian province of Alberta.

    ‘she was the first Albertan to receive a commission from the National Arts Centre’
    • ‘The province's economic boom has not led to a rise in the standard of living for the majority of Albertans.’
    • ‘The average Albertan now takes home over 500 dollars more per year than the average British Columbian.’
    • ‘The Albertan now faces the challenge of following up perhaps his best performance of the competition.’
    • ‘Despite the frozen funding levels, Albertans are among the highest supporters of the arts in Canada.’
    • ‘Like any proud Albertan, it's in my blood to make fun of the people of Saskatchewan.’