Definition of Akubra in English:



  • A type of broad-brimmed hat traditionally worn by farmers and cattlemen in Australia.

    • ‘My escorts ordered me to remove my Akubra and told me, if asked any questions, to act dumb.’
    • ‘Australian Prime Minister John Howard handed out Akubras to Commonwealth leaders at a gathering of the group of 54 mainly former British colonies in Queensland state last month.’
    • ‘In the late twentieth century, however, Australian identities have become commodified, made tangible in Akubra hats and Drizabones, and distributed worldwide through films, novels, and video clips.’
    • ‘Nearby we find other men with big Akubras squatting on the dusty ground, strong faces, strong veined hands, while a third page shows a team at a bronco panel toppling a steer.’
    • ‘If ‘they’ hold another Senate enquiry and find out the ‘whole thing didn't happen ’, I for one will gladly eat my Akubra.’
    • ‘A record crowd close to 4000 people donned their spurs and Akubra hats to watch the bull riding spectacular, which was held at Brothers Sports Club on Saturday night.’


Early 20th century: from the name of the manufacturer, perhaps from an Aboriginal language.