Definition of aitchbone in English:



  • 1The buttock or rump bone of cattle.

    • ‘Cut along a line following the line of the aitchbone and through the ball and socket. Remove the aitchbone.’
    • ‘It also contains aitchbone and a fat covering on the outer muscle.’
    • ‘The bone at the sirloin end - the aitchbone - can be removed by the butcher, which makes carving the complicated lamb leg much easier.’
    • ‘The aitchbone may be cut in a fully automatic operation performed when the carcass is suspended on overhead rails.’
    1. 1.1A cut of beef lying over the aitchbone.
      • ‘He also promised that he would get an aitchbone of beef for all the family weddings.’
      • ‘I find aitchbone or topside good enough.’
      • ‘To slice, cut parallel to the aitchbone on a diagonal.’
      • ‘Terrine of aitchbone and vegetables at a selection of season salads and filled horseradish crêpe’
      • ‘The aitchbone forms part of the silverside and contains the tail-bone.’
      • ‘Organic Beef Aitchbone Joint.’
      • ‘Technical service supervisors pull 10 samples from the conveyor hourly and measure them on each side for length of shoulder scribe, rib scribe, neck bone and aitchbone.’


Late 15th century, from dialect nache ‘rump’, from Old French, based on Latin natis buttock(s), + bone. The initial n in a nache bone was lost by wrong division; compare with adder.