Definition of airstrip in English:



  • A strip of ground set aside for the take-off and landing of aircraft.

    • ‘Despite the speed of the ground troops, airstrips were always within 100 miles of the front lines.’
    • ‘Lightly equipped parachute engineer battalions were also formed to build emergency airstrips after an amphibious landing.’
    • ‘The Chief Minister has stressed the need for expanding the existing airstrips and constructing helipads at places of tourist interest all over the state.’
    • ‘The demand for air travel continued to grow and with that demand came better aircraft, safer airstrips, and more experienced pilots.’
    • ‘As Axis airfields and terrain for new airstrips were overrun, the Allied Air Forces began shifting fighter units from England into Europe proper.’
    • ‘The sodden airstrip and aircraft parking areas made flying operations almost impossible.’
    • ‘Accidents in 1992 and 1994 both saw small planes make forced landings near the airstrip.’
    • ‘The first privately funded spacecraft lifts off from an airstrip in the Mojave Desert.’
    • ‘So there are 452 airfields, varying from steeply sloping mountain airstrips to seven international airfields.’
    • ‘He said Government's plans and commitment to rehabilitate airstrips and international airports was good for the revival of the airline business, which would lead to the growth and development of the tourism sector.’
    • ‘The ‘walls’ were actually glass, letting everybody inside see the planes out on the airstrips, taking off and landing.’
    • ‘They are especially adept at taking off from and landing on short airstrips.’
    • ‘The Sunday test flight was eventful, involving an airstrip landing light.’
    • ‘The department of defence has studied its properties to discover how best to build airstrips on frozen ground, or move troops across snow-covered territory.’
    • ‘That's when I saw that the large, looming shadow was in fact a small plane landing at the airstrip.’
    • ‘In turn, they provided transport, approved landings at airstrips for resupply purposes, and selected men for our teams.’
    • ‘We were guided as we went by millions of fireflies whose flashing marked the banks like landing lights on an airstrip.’
    • ‘The airstrip really is a strip, a very long narrow grass runway lined on both sides by 50 foot trees.’
    • ‘The site has its own airstrip and light aircraft service, and its own small marina.’
    • ‘They built runways for airports, including the airstrip at Mt Cook.’