Definition of airspace in English:



mass noun
  • 1The air available to aircraft to fly in, especially the part subject to the jurisdiction of a particular country.

    ‘the airliner was refused permission to enter Maltese airspace’
    • ‘I learnt as much as I could about the control and coordination procedures for airspace management and aircraft operations during these events.’
    • ‘They lifted a six-month ban on foreign commercial aircraft overflying their airspace.’
    • ‘Although other countries such as Austria, Moldova, Switzerland and Finland insist on applying charges to all military aircraft in their airspace, Ireland will continue to write off the fees.’
    • ‘Aircraft overflying Irish airspace account for about 80% of the authority's revenue.’
    • ‘The UCAO needs to codify its due regard procedures for uninhabited aircraft flying in international airspace.’
    • ‘This will enable the defence forces to better respond to possible future incursions into Australia's airspace by aircraft and missiles.’
    • ‘Is there better use of the airspace with the smaller aircraft with the lower speed?’
    • ‘Despite the short duration of the outage, restrictions on the number of aircraft entering UK airspace or taking off from domestic airports quickly created delays.’
    • ‘Within the first two weeks of the war, just trying to juggle the daily amount of aircraft and airspace was a daunting task.’
    • ‘On aircraft overflying their airspace, they said, ‘We hope the principle of reciprocity will apply.’’
    • ‘The spokesman added Ireland insists aircraft overflying national airspace or using its airports for refuelling cannot carry weaponry.’
    • ‘Currently monitoring aircraft movements and tracking aircraft in the surrounding airspace, it should allow for better coordination of air defense activities.’
    • ‘Let's turn to the issue of first an aircraft penetrating airspace over the capital.’
    • ‘Aircraft encroaching on U.S. airspace was a more straightforward affair in that the warning time was longer and the source of the threat was obvious.’
    • ‘The Red Arrows aerobatic team had to take emergency action to avoid a tragedy when a microlight aircraft strayed into its airspace at an Airshow, the RAF revealed today.’
    • ‘The airspace in which the aircraft is to be operated is dense with other aircraft and restrictions.’
    • ‘Government departments have reached a draft agreement to give the military sole authority to shoot down unidentified aircraft entering forbidden airspace.’
    • ‘A small aircraft entered restricted airspace over Washington for the second time this month.’
    • ‘Due to the large population and extremely good weather year round, airspace is saturated with aircraft.’
    • ‘The situation was also helped yesterday by the removal of restrictions that stopped aircraft flying over London airspace.’
    sky, heavens, ether
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    1. 1.1 Room available in the atmosphere immediately above the earth.
      ‘temples and mosques fight for airspace with skyscrapers’
      • ‘Edie immediately recognized what was going on in the local airspace.’
      • ‘I was driven in a nice silver car with leather upholstery along the Thames, alongside the Houses of Parliament with the London Eye and Big Ben fighting for airspace.’
      • ‘That's them defending the commons of the beauty of the neighbourhood, combined with the commons of the airspace we share through which dandelion seeds fly.’
      • ‘However, several species among the 92 species of the original data set use the airspace above the canopy for foraging.’
      • ‘And how many unused rooftop antennas are taking up airspace above cable-wired houses?’
      • ‘What do you make of the idea of a directive coming out soon advising pilots to avoid airspace above or near sites like power plants, dams, refineries, and other complexes?’
      • ‘On treaty issues the National Party made such a hash of the Lake Taupo deal that all the local tourism operators there now do not know whether they are coming or going because they do not know who owns the airspace above the lake.’
      • ‘Now developers are interested in buying the airspace over railway stations.’
      • ‘This was once the defining gap in that prominent shopping strip until 2001, when the airspace over the tracks was sold.’
      • ‘Generally, ownership of an area of ground includes the airspace immediately above that area up to the skies.’
      the atmosphere, the stratosphere, the skies
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    2. 1.2Law The right of a private landowner to the space above his land and any structures on it.
      ‘the landlord is unable to extend his property without trespass to his tenant's airspace’
      • ‘If an adjoining owner places a structure on his (the adjoining owner's) land that overhangs his neighbours land, he thereby takes into possession airspace to which his neighbour is entitled.’
      • ‘Where there is an incursion into the airspace of a landowner within the reasonable height then this prima facie gives rise to claim to trespass:’
      • ‘Does the installation of an extractor fan that protrudes into the airspace of an adjoining property constitute an actionable trespass?’
      • ‘The right to airspace has been curtailed so that an owner's rights now extend only to such a height as is necessary for the ordinary use of the land and the structures thereon.’
      • ‘Ownership of land includes the airspace above it, unless there are limitations on the title.’