Definition of airmail in English:



mass noun
  • A system of transporting mail by aircraft, typically overseas.

    ‘instructions were sent by airmail’
    as modifier ‘an airmail letter’
    • ‘The act shifted responsibility for overseeing airmail from the U.S. Army to the Post Office Department after several pilots were killed in accidents due to inexperience and faulty equipment.’
    • ‘There is an unrestricted ‘full letter rate’, for which you can send anything at all, but there are two other special airmail postal rates (which both cost around half as much).’
    • ‘The leaves arrived the next week via airmail in a bubble-wrap envelope marked at customs by the U.S. Postal Service as ‘incense.’’
    • ‘It was one of the few that sold letter pads of onionskin paper, lightweight and therefore used primarily for airmail so one could save on postage.’
    • ‘It's true that you do have to be patient with the orders - even if you pay for expedited delivery or airmail, it can still sometimes take months to receive an order, so you must order far in advance of when you need the product.’
    • ‘The following year, on 25 September, Earle Ovington flew the first Post Office sanctioned airmail as part of an aerial meet at Garden City, New York.’
    • ‘Delivery takes 3-4 weeks by airmail, or 5-7 weeks by boat; there is a no-time-limit, 100% money-back guarantee.’
    • ‘A subscription costs $116.00 a year and $12.00 extra for airmail to the U.S.’
    • ‘In keeping with the idea that the students were to produce a book, 1 told them that their third drafts would be sent by airmail to an environmental historian who did not know them.’
    • ‘On 20 April, TWA inaugurated America's first 24-hour coast-to-coast airmail and express service.’
    • ‘Then came the internet, credit cards and cheap international airmail.’
    • ‘I know the price includes postage, but normal airmail to and from the US usually takes anywhere between one and three weeks.’
    • ‘I finished the order - now paranoid that the face of the parcel doesn't meet the standards required for airmail.’
    • ‘They're sending our things via airmail tomorrow.’
    • ‘International orders will be sent using Expresspost (to participating countries) or by registered airmail.’
    • ‘Their March edition, I've just received it by airmail, it has some excellent and thought-provoking and theologically astute articles about the issue.’
    • ‘Under legal system, the remitter can send a bank draft via airmail to his/her relatives.’
    • ‘Sussmann has passed on my documents by airmail to Georg.’
    • ‘Price: $8 USD for overseas orders, 20 shekels in Israel, including airmail postage.’
    • ‘The charge for international postal packages sent by land or by airmail is raised by an average of 30 per cent.’
    mail, the postal service, the postal system
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  • Send (mail) by aircraft.

    ‘I have a sheaf of letters to airmail’
    • ‘So what they eventually decided they had to do was to make a xerox copy of their third printout and airmail it to Australia.’
    • ‘Mine are carefully folded into envelopes and airmailed to Berlin.’
    • ‘Seeds are better to take - they last longer, cuttings you've got to keep alive, get them out to civilisation and airmail them home.’
    • ‘I subscribe to a monthly magazine from England (paying extra to have it airmailed so it will arrive in Thailand within 4-5 days).’
    • ‘She is adamant she will not be airmailing it to her son-in-law, who emigrated to Australia with his wife and their two children in 1979.’
    dispatch, post, mail, put in the mail, put in the post, address, get off, convey, consign, direct, forward, redirect, send on, remit
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