Definition of airline in English:



  • 1An organization providing a regular public service of air transport on one or more routes.

    as modifier ‘airline pilot’
    • ‘Dave works as a cabin crew air steward, but is hoping for a career as a commercial airline pilot.’
    • ‘They bail out airlines and insurance companies, but let defrauded employees starve.’
    • ‘Yet it seems that almost every passing day brings new airlines or new services.’
    • ‘Which further low cost routes would you like airlines to serve from Manchester Airport?’
    • ‘A trio of companies will be also reporting on the state of the airline market.’
    • ‘On the most lucrative routes, the airlines may be assigned different time slots.’
    • ‘It is a matter of public record that some airlines have had to be bailed out by their governments.’
    • ‘This was the battle between the no-frills airlines and the package tour operators.’
    • ‘In the airline industry a pilot who reports an error is immune from disciplinary action.’
    • ‘If you work for the airlines or the retail business, staff only get one weekend in four off.’
    • ‘As a regular traveller, I am glad that the airlines, in the main, have banned smoking on all flights.’
    • ‘The growth continues with a variety of airlines operating scheduled services worldwide.’
    • ‘Some airlines just put on routes because they think they can stimulate traffic.’
    • ‘Which airlines and services need to operate in the London airports network?’
    • ‘He managed to con people into believing he was an airline pilot, a lawyer and a doctor.’
    • ‘We've had nine airlines go out of business in this country in the last dozen years.’
    • ‘UK airlines will meet transport officials in Whitehall this week to discuss a response.’
    • ‘An automated alert went out to airports and main airlines, including British Airways.’
    • ‘However, the harsh reality is simply that airlines are hugely expensive businesses to run.’
    • ‘Both airlines and insurance companies impose restrictions on expectant mothers.’
  • 2A pipe supplying air.

    ‘use an air line to inflate those tyres’
    • ‘The number of people injured when a train begins moving as they're hooking up the air line has declined where the remote-control technology is used, Davis said.’
    • ‘After a great deal of work, there was, at last, clear access down to level 5, but there were no water and air lines, no ventilation, and no safe electrical system for blasting.’
    • ‘I was so afraid of something stupid happening, like an air line blowing off or a fuel line breaking.’
    • ‘For this purpose a regulated high pressure air line and test gauge can be fitted via an adaptor to the capillary holder.’
    • ‘Replace the air lines and any other details you removed from the boiler.’
    • ‘The most conspicuous of a variety of both air and electrical problems has been that gun #1 (the largest gun, nearest the ship) air lines have continued to fail.’
    • ‘Moments later, a high-pressure air line connecting to main ballast tanks allowing the submarine to control its depth bursts its seal in the seventh compartment.’
    • ‘Laying a six-inch air line across the first suspension bridge, with the Arizona cliffs in the background.’
    • ‘Connected by an air line to a surface boat, he entered the loch as a crowd of onlookers cheered him on.’
    • ‘Visitors don a 70-pound helmet attached to an air line fed from the surface, and descend stairs into less than 20 feet of open water.’
    • ‘Solenoid, slave cylinder and hardware, all necessary air lines and connectors, and 1/4-inch hose into solenoid are included.’
    • ‘With the worker finally clear from our train and the air line now charged up, we finally got underway at 7:07 PM, having missed our scheduled 7:00 PM departure.’
    • ‘The air line noted above was left in place, to be used as a speaking tube so that we could pass signals back and forth during the escape.’
    • ‘As so many petrol stations and garages have closed over the last few years, surely there needs to be legislation to ensure that air lines are working and available at all times?’
    • ‘Then you place the compressor behind the cab, run the air line back to the bag, and run the wires to a rocker switch placed in the cab.’
    • ‘It will carry telephone and data cables along with fresh water and fuel supply lines and high and low pressure air lines.’
    • ‘Even though I couldn't figure out why there was an air line buried in the back yard, I knew Dad would be mad.’
    • ‘Inlet and outlet air lines were sealed into smaller holes in the lid, using rubber sleeves.’
    • ‘But what happens if the air line or pneumatic cylinder that controls the reject station fails?’
    • ‘The surface is a molded acrylic or high-impact plastic shell, which covers the insulation and the spa's equipment - including a spa pack (containing the heater, pump, and blower), lights, hydrojet and air lines, and controls.’