Definition of airheaded in English:



  • (of a person) silly or foolish.

    ‘an idiotic video filled with airheaded celebrities’
    • ‘I am a firm believer that pop music has one use - to keep all the airheaded teenyboppers out of the underground scene.’
    • ‘She has to be the most spoiled, self-absorbed, and airheaded person I have ever seen.’
    • ‘You're the only person who doesn't treat me like a stupid airheaded jock.’
    • ‘Cheerleaders are not all airheaded and incredibly concerned about the material world.’
    • ‘Witherspoon is the wealthy, apparently airheaded, Elle Woods, who follows her embarrassed boyfriend to Harvard Law in order to prove that blondes have brains, too.’
    • ‘The plot concerns Texas Ranger Tommy Lee, who must go undercover as a cheerleading coach in order to protect five airheaded nymphets who have witnessed a murder.’
    • ‘In what must be every 40-something guy's fantasy, he shacks up with an airheaded aerobic instructor who is happy to watch mindless films with him.’
    • ‘Her performance here did nothing to change my impression of her as an airheaded floozy.’
    • ‘The film's romantic complications are restrained - they neither stretch the viewer's credulity nor make the characters seem airheaded, vindictive, or blind.’
    • ‘Her roommate is a slightly airheaded debutante named Glinda.’
    stupid, unintelligent, idiotic, foolish, silly, brainless, half-witted, witless, vacuous, vapid, hare-brained, feather-brained, birdbrained, pea-brained, scatterbrained, scatty, giddy, skittish, flighty, frivolous, thoughtless
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