Definition of airgun in English:



  • 1A gun which fires pellets using compressed air.

    • ‘Meanwhile, students were coming to the school office with reports a weapon was on the property, but downplayed the incident saying the weapon was only an air gun.’
    • ‘A woman came within an inch of paralysis when a pellet from an air gun lodged in her neck as she fell victim to one of five drive-by shootings that terrified residents in Hull.’
    • ‘She had been walking with her husband along Dean Row Road on March 20 when she was hit close to her eye by a pellet fired from an air gun.’
    • ‘Final returns are still being evaluated, but the haul includes hand guns, rifles, shotguns, air guns and imitation firearms.’
    • ‘Police said nine cracks, which could have been caused by an air gun, were discovered on Sunday in the glass door of a building that houses an office of the Bank of China in Yokohama.’
    • ‘Police officers identified the youth from the man's description and searched the boy's room, where they found a case for an automatic air gun.’
    • ‘One man threatened him with the air gun, while the second rifled through his pockets, stealing a Sony mobile phone and a disposable cigarette lighter.’
    • ‘An air gun could be a potent weapon at close ranges and has to be wielded with utmost caution.’
    • ‘The discharge of the air gun was virtually silent and propelled a projectile that would prove lethal to both man and animal up to 100 yards.’
    • ‘These are not the air guns which have a built-in pressurised air canister, but the type which uses individual gas cartridges from which an air gun pellet can be fired.’
    • ‘There was natural concern from the England team, but it remains unclear as to whether the object was fired from an air gun or a more rudimentary device.’
    • ‘I subsequently had a look and there were about 60 slugs from an air gun, all over the place on my property, the trajectory of which had obviously come over the kindergarten.’
    • ‘One of his favourite stories is of the day when he caught some villains in the act of shooting with an air gun at his beehives in the Pheasantry Garden of Bushy Park.’
    • ‘A swan that was seriously injured by an air gun pellet through the eye is now recovering at a Swindon sanctuary.’
    • ‘Take your air gun and fire it at a target 50 times to clear up residual oil in the chamber.’
    • ‘Other inventions which Papin worked on were the construction of a submarine, an air gun and a grenade launcher.’
    • ‘Park staff and passers-by tried to give him first aid but it was only when he ran home to Sheridan Street that his mother recognised it as an air gun pellet wound.’
    • ‘Random shots fired by an air gun shattered glass at the TV office building in Neihu and its surrounding area yesterday.’
    • ‘A shot using an air gun at point-blank range can turn fatal.’
    • ‘She heard an air gun fire and a few minutes later heard another sound and a pellet hit her hand causing a bruise.’
  • 2A tool used to strip paint by means of a stream of very hot air.

    • ‘Take care with hot air methods close to glass; even an electric hot air gun can crack glass.’
    • ‘Modern emulsion paints come off brick very well using a hot air gun and a paint scraper.’
    • ‘Take the hard work out of removing wallpaper and paint with a steam stripper and hot air gun.’
    • ‘You can't sand the doors, and you are not supposed to remove such paint with a hot-air gun, although you might be able to do it outdoors, saving the scraped bits of paint for proper disposal, and wearing a proper mask while heating and scraping.’
    • ‘Heat can be applied either with a hot air gun or a gas torch.’