Definition of aircraftman in English:



  • A man who holds the lowest rank in the RAF, below leading aircraftman.

    • ‘One young, unattached aircraftman who is on his first posting summed it up: "The wet can be a pain and there are times when things do feel a bit overwhelming."’
    • ‘The full year effect of the two 3 per cent pay rises on military salary alone (base salary plus service allowance only) is between around $2500 for an aircraftman / women up to around $4900 for a wing commander before tax.’
    • ‘During my first two weeks as an aircraftman with the Airfield Defence Guards in Vietnam, there was a call for volunteers to train as helicopter gunners.’
    • ‘In 1985 he pursued his passion, becoming an aircraftman photographer.’
    • ‘He enlisted in the RAF in 1922 as an aircraftman, but was soon exposed.’