Definition of airbus in English:



  • An aircraft designed to carry a large number of passengers economically, especially over relatively short routes.

    • ‘We allow airlines in the United States to buy airbus aircraft, they're subsidized by governments in Europe.’
    • ‘A replacement airbus was flown over from Belfast and the fed up passengers eventually left two days later and arrived in Manchester 43 hours later than expected.’
    • ‘But by the mid-1990s airbus had made serious inroads on U.S. market shares both here and around the world.’
    • ‘The airbus from Heathrow was almost empty, which you'd expect at 6.34 am, and I sat on the top deck right in front, not caring that the sun was shining into my eyes because the vapour trails in the sky were worth risking blindness for.’
    • ‘Gorgeous airbus, plenty of spare seats and most professional and courteous hostesses/stewards.’


Early 20th century (first recorded in 1910 in reference to a projected type of aircraft, and from the 1960s used as a general term for a short- to medium-range airliner): from air + bus. The Airbus company was formed in 1970 to design and build passenger aircraft.