Definition of air shot in English:

air shot


  • A missed attempt to hit or kick a ball.

    ‘she ended in rough so deep that her third was an air shot’
    • ‘Following an air shot by one player, the ball ran to another, who scooped it over.’
    • ‘A stumble and a fresh air shot later, however, and the danger was gone.’
    • ‘A connection of any sort would have tested David James, but the big Hungarian's air shot set the tone for a poor personal performance.’
    • ‘Using no back-lift at all, his right foot headed for his victim's groin but ended in an air shot.’
    • ‘I scrunched the slip into a tight ball and took an air shot, the ball landing into a trashcan.’
    • ‘The percentage of air shots was very high and rules were relaxed to accommodate these.’
    • ‘The team's nerves were evident in the 15th minute when normally reliable Ali Grant managed a fresh air shot when it would have been easier to score.’
    • ‘He sent him an air shot but he dodged that with ease.’
    • ‘He drove into the other player's glove on the first penalty corner chance and then missed the rebound with an air shot.’
    • ‘Her opponent was left to side-step to stay warm and play air shots to an imaginary opponent.’
    • ‘The team could have been dead and buried at the start of the second when Batey shot over from ten yards out following O'Boyle's air shot.’
    • ‘One I have never seen play; the other is someone for whom the next air shot will be a long way from his first.’
    • ‘He produced an air shot when well placed and another player's speculative long range effort sailed wide.’
    • ‘He had an air shot on the edge of the area.’