Definition of air rights in English:

air rights

plural noun

  • The right to build or develop in the airspace above a property.

    ‘they bought and sold the house next door but retained the air rights above it’
    • ‘The buyers were required to pay an extra $10 per square foot on top of the regular purchase price for the air rights.’
    • ‘That was the most valuable part of the real estate, after all, not the footprint but the air rights.’
    • ‘Dance Theater Workshop has sold the air rights over its head to private developers for $3.2 million.’
    • ‘Normally, air rights can be transferred only to contiguous building sites.’
    • ‘Air rights are important if you own a condominium or co-op.’
    • ‘Two developers have agreed to pay $430 a square foot for the air rights over a church in a private club on Manhattan's exclusive Park Avenue.’
    • ‘Few lots in the theater district can accommodate big buildings without a transfer of air rights.’
    • ‘Sell your air rights so people can build great big condos on top of your subway stops.’
    • ‘The air rights for these parcels are the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, which is the agency overseeing the Big Dig.’
    • ‘City officials have been eager to counter any suggestion that the winning consortium won the so-called "air rights."’