Definition of air power in English:

air power


mass noun
  • The ability to defend or attack by means of aircraft.

    ‘military air power was used to protect relief efforts’
    • ‘We decided to investigate the integration of air power with special operations on the ground.’
    • ‘Armoured combined arms countered by air power and infantry anti-armour weapons’
    • ‘The Fifth US Army, with the whole weight of Allied air power switched to its support, attacked on 15 April.’
    • ‘In the Gulf War, air power was not used as an end unto itself, but rather to bring specific effects to the enemy.’
    • ‘While the Army tends to view air power as merely an air artillery, the Air Force looks at itself as a strategic force.’
    • ‘The importance of air power had not been underestimated by any of the belligerents before 1914.’
    • ‘The attack would use a combination of old and new - cavalry, air power, artillery and tanks that would be supported by infantry.’
    • ‘In addition, Fettweis's belief in the dominance and efficacy of air power seems misplaced.’
    • ‘The book's thesis emphasizes the supremacy of air power in shaping the battlefield.’
    • ‘By the time of the bombing of Hiroshima, many of Japan's large cities had been attacked severely by American air power.’
    • ‘By the outbreak of war, air power strategists were looking at aircraft with new respect.’
    • ‘Szayna has a specialized chapter on how new members must upgrade their readiness in air power.’
    • ‘He won, because impending commitments of air power in Europe took precedence.’
    • ‘Tactical air power saw the war as justification for a strategy based on supporting ground forces.’
    • ‘Air power doctrine also describes the capabilities and roles that air power can undertake.’
    • ‘Both land and naval power was necessary to enable air power to operate, and so it was in the first few years of the nuclear era.’
    • ‘World War II saw the use of air power to destroy an adversary's industrial capacity.’
    • ‘If the victorious powers of the First World War were investing little in military air power, this was not true elsewhere in the world.’
    • ‘After all, the United States was protected by the atomic bomb and unmatched air power.’
    • ‘In addition to providing air dominance, Airmen contribute expeditionary air power.’


air power