Definition of air pocket in English:

air pocket


  • 1A cavity containing air.

    • ‘I thought I was going to get my hands in front of my face to make an air pocket.’
    • ‘However careful you are, the roots may be damaged by cold topsoil mixing with the planting soil, and it will be difficult to ensure there are no air pockets left around the roots.’
    • ‘Fluffy new snow is also filled with billions of air pockets.’
    • ‘Fork over the soil in the area they are to be replanted and put the bulbs back into the earth straight away, firming the soil to get rid of any air pockets.’
    • ‘Frantically clutching his terrified daughter, Heppell found an air pocket in a basement and sheltered for two hours as the idyllic resort around him was destroyed.’
    • ‘They obviously found an air pocket, were able to breathe OK.’
    • ‘There are number of reasons why silage at the top of the pit is difficult to preserve, even with adequate rolling and sealing, air pockets often remain between the grass and the cover.’
    • ‘‘I was held under for five minutes with just a small air pocket,’ he says.’
    • ‘He scrambled to find an air pocket and tried to keep calm as he prayed someone would rescue him as his car horn blared non-stop after being short-circuited by the water.’
    • ‘If this is difficult to turn out, then using your fingers pull the mixture gently away from the sides and allow an air pocket to form and gently allow it to slip out of the mould into your hand.’
    • ‘Even with a small air pocket, the warmth of a victim's breath can seal the snow around his mouth much as perspiration seals the inside of an igloo or a snow cave.’
    • ‘He survived in an air pocket for almost an hour after the crash at around 5.30 am on February 27 last year.’
    • ‘Ms Landau, a super-fit horsewoman, survived by breathing through an air pocket she managed to find near the brake pedal.’
    • ‘Many of the victims suffocated after being buried in dust and rubble from houses whose traditional construction meant they disintegrated, leaving no air pockets to keep people alive while help arrived.’
    • ‘Spread the tuber out gently then fill up with more of the compost, shaking and tapping the pot every now and again to make sure all the spaces are filled and there are no air pockets.’
    • ‘He followed the TV show's advice, kept his head, saw an air pocket behind him, pulled himself into the back of the car and, with water up to his chin, waited an agonising 25 minutes for help.’
    • ‘One fire brigade source later admitted that crews had knowingly worked in unsafe conditions, taking risks by entering unsafe air pockets in the rubble, as they attempted to rescue those trapped.’
    • ‘The bread basket had a few slices of a tan sourdough and a two little twin loafs of a wonderfully crusty, narrow bread whose air pockets even seemed to carry flavor.’
    • ‘It does make you wonder how many other air pockets there are down there.’
    • ‘Mr Bullimore sheltered in a tiny air pocket under the boat, 2,500 km from Australia, suffering from hypothermia, dehydration and frostbite but survived against all the odds.’
    globule, bead, blister, drop
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    1. 1.1 A region of low pressure causing an aircraft to lose height suddenly.
      • ‘She sidled out of the small space, and just as she reached the end, there was a lurch as the plane hit an air pocket and she started to fall.’
      • ‘Hlava was on a plane that hit an air pocket and dropped 5,000 feet in a matter of seconds.’
      • ‘The Turkish team had a major scare on their way here when their privately chartered plane hit an air pocket and briefly plummeted towards the ground.’
      • ‘The rhythmic rocking of the plane lulled her to sleep until the plane hit an air pocket and threatened to knock them all out of their seats.’
      • ‘One reason put forward is the existence of an air pocket, which may have caused the aircraft to rise slightly before descending.’
      • ‘The frail craft, though buffeted by violent winds and sudden air pockets, stayed aloft.’
      • ‘The plane hit some air pockets and I almost jumped out of my seat.’
      • ‘The flight to Calgary was actually really bumpy and for about an hour we went through what felt like a dirt road in the sky full of potholes, hitting the occasional air pocket and dropping a few feet.’
      • ‘We are currently experiencing some minor disturbance due to air pockets.’
      • ‘We hit an air pocket and dropped more quickly than anticipated.’
      • ‘In 1990, my flight back from Hong Kong hit an air pocket and the plane dropped hundreds of feet in a split second - the fella rising from his seat in front of us smashed his head on the roof.’
      • ‘We hit an air pocket mid-air in an A300 (I think) and the plane fell 100 feet.’


air pocket