Definition of air mile in English:

air mile


  • 1A nautical mile used as a measure of distance flown by aircraft.

    • ‘Russians have also put up new routes on 7,429-foot Svezdny Pik, 300 air miles to the west.’
    • ‘Balance in Arkansas required fewer counties and fewer miles because there is considerable cropland after about 100 air miles.’
    • ‘His total air miles: 26,222, a little more than the circumference of the earth.’
    • ‘As you bank over Washington's Hood Canal in a floatplane, you realize just how far 37 air miles have brought you.’
    • ‘He stops writing to look up the distance in air miles.’
    • ‘By mid-January 1949, the testing period had taken in more than 250,000 air miles during 800 flying hours.’
    • ‘Our policies to tackle climate change will also reduce pollution, waste, energy use and air miles, improve health, food quality, public transport and will save money.’
    • ‘The 61-year-old, who set off in GlobalFlyer last Wednesday, took the record when he completed 26,389.3 air miles over Shannon in Ireland.’
    • ‘It takes a special person to leave familiar surroundings and travel hundreds of air miles north to work long hours in a challenging work environment.’
    • ‘Then there is the issue of air miles and aviation fuel.’
    • ‘So, although it is true that wage costs at the company have been the industry's highest, the difference between the major carriers is actually rather slight it is 2 percent more per air mile than their closest competitor, for example.’
    • ‘Comedian Bob Hope logged more than 10 million air miles traveling to see the troops.’
    • ‘Actually we are 27 air miles from the mountain, and it would take an eruption four times larger than the 1980 one to reach us.’
    • ‘Just 25 air miles from Merrill Field stands a flight meeting center where members practice aerospace education.’
    1. 1.1trademark Points (equivalent to miles of free air travel) accumulated by buyers of airline tickets and other products and redeemable against the cost of air travel with a particular airline.
      • ‘It said Monty could have a gold credit card and earn air miles.’
      • ‘This program, while still in the pilot stage, will be available to frequent fliers who have at least 100,000 air miles per year.’
      • ‘The donated air miles allow soldiers to get the rest of the way home for free.’
      • ‘Again, do the maths to work out the value of using your Air Miles before booking these options.’
      • ‘NatWest offers one air mile for every £20 spent.’
      • ‘We haven't paid even close to that thanks to an Air Miles offer, but the breakfast is generous, the staff are nice and hey!’
      • ‘Football managers and agents are clocking up an astonishing number of air miles at the moment and no doubt Britain's favourite airline, which is going through a bit of financial turbulence just now, is grateful for the business.’
      • ‘Little wonder then that Qantas executives are racking up the air miles between Sydney and Canberra.’
      • ‘Get an extra 20,000 bonus air miles per roundtrip from Narita to New York.’
      • ‘I thought this honour was bestowed on me because at the time I was logging about 5,000 air miles a week but I crashed to earth seven years later when it was discovered that my name was the same as a high ranking Australian diplomat.’