Definition of air mattress in English:

air mattress


North American
  • An inflatable mattress.

    • ‘Grant gave Devon the sofa and Dori the air mattress, and within minutes, both were sound asleep.’
    • ‘They had set up an air mattress for Tina and me though.’
    • ‘My apartment has been pretty small, and continues to be that way, since there's extra clothes and an air mattress floating around now.’
    • ‘Which means there will be absolutely no place to stand when, as seems certain to happen, the air mattress is punctured and slowly collapses beneath me.’
    • ‘It wasn't long before Devon and I were curled up in our sleeping bags and dad and mom on their air mattress.’
    • ‘Zach, you can take the couch in the living room if you want, or we can set up the air mattress between the beds in here.’
    • ‘He was looking up at me with his glassy blue eyes, lying on a bed sheet wrapped around an air mattress.’
    • ‘The queen or king-size bed has an adjustable air mattress.’
    • ‘She's got everything on the bike, extra fuel tank, tent, ground sheet, air mattress and pump, sleeping bag, picnic blanket, gas cooker, even snorkelling gear.’
    • ‘It only had one bed in it, so Elisabeth bustled off to the closet to hunt up an old air mattress.’
    • ‘Select flat sheets in the closet size to the air mattress to guarantee a snug fit.’
    • ‘Chase sprung out of his air mattress and ran to his brother's room.’
    • ‘One air mattress and a few pillows later, they secured the first place in line.’
    • ‘I find a foam mattress cheaper, better and more reliable than an air mattress.’
    • ‘As the dew falls, for the first time I realise it's actually getting quite cold, so I bid the gang goodnight/morning and slink off home to my steadily-deflating air mattress.’
    • ‘It had been their third morning in the apartment, now luxuriously furnished with a small card table, two folding chairs and an air mattress, which they had purchased at an Army surplus store.’
    • ‘Mom slept in my room, after we put the air mattress in it.’
    • ‘These rails provide the exterior support of the air mattress, giving it its shape and providing the user with the ability to sit on the edge of the bed to put shoes on, etc.’
    • ‘The problems began when an air mattress on Mrs Hawkins' bed broke in January.’
    • ‘Rodriguez herself is sleeping on an air mattress at her daughter's apartment, borrowing clothes and missing her husband.’


air mattress