Definition of air gap in English:

air gap


  • An absence of a direct or indirect connection between a computer and the Internet, effected for security reasons.

    ‘he believes some of his computers were infected with malware capable of jumping air gaps by using ultrasonic audio transmissions’
    ‘breaking an air gap requires extremely powerful methodologies that are generally the province of advanced-level hackers’
    • ‘Stuxnet is the only other piece of malware that has jumped air gaps before.’
    • ‘The custom code had jumped an air gap at a defence client and infected what should have been a highly secure computer.’
    • ‘This approach provides what technologists call an "air gap" that separates internal data and controls from direct connection to the Internet.’
    • ‘The rootkit detailed in late 2013 could reportedly hop air gaps, survive motherboard firmware rewrites and mess with a variety of operating systems.’
    • ‘It's next to impossible to hack a computer that never goes online - it can be done but it requires a lot of effort to break the so-called "air gap" involved.’