Definition of air cover in English:

air cover


mass noun
  • Protection by aircraft for land-based or naval operations in war situations.

    ‘they provide air cover for United Nations convoys of relief supplies’
    • ‘Escort carriers, designed to provide air cover for convoys and for amphibious landings, lacked the speed to stay with the larger fleet carriers, but they performed invaluable service for the Allies in both the Atlantic and the Pacific.’
    • ‘They'll be flying air cover when it is deemed necessary, and the particular unit that the Government raised to deal with chemical and biological attacks and the like is also standing by.’
    • ‘The airmen who serve on this frontier keep soldiers supplied and provide air cover.’
    • ‘The new fields, some of which are no more than widened landing strips, will also serve the fighter planes and helicopters providing a vanguard of special forces with air cover.’
    • ‘Providing air cover for the Operation Jubilee raid on Dieppe, France, on 19 August 1942 was the only time the three Eagle Squadrons operated together.’
    • ‘Four of the Zeros were flying air cover for the five machines equipped with bombs and on a one-way mission.’
    • ‘In North Africa, meager amounts of air cover were parceled out to each ground commander.’
    • ‘Tell him our situation here, and we need immediate air cover, and reinforcements.’
    • ‘If a squadron was providing air cover, the mission would have been that much easier.’
    • ‘But some military officials are pointing to the crucial mistake: The Army did not include the Air Force in the plan to provide air cover and take out antiaircraft fire.’
    • ‘It is no good having all the tanks serviceable if the force cannot get enough aircraft armed and ready to provide air cover.’
    • ‘It proved impossible to create a firm, unified command for the aircraft fleet, which was due to perform the airdrop and provide air cover for the brigades.’
    • ‘Commanders want air cover 24/7 because it keeps the enemy at bay.’
    • ‘The second element in the Allies favour was the development of the V.L.R. (Very Long Range) Bomber to provide convoy air cover.’
    • ‘Undeterred, he continued flying, until he finally broke his back, as a wing commander, while providing air cover for the assault on Arnhem.’
    • ‘Without air cover, the retreating ground formations would be helpless as they made their way back homeland.’
    • ‘During Dunkirk, he helped provide air cover for retreating troops - even though he was shot through the arm.’
    • ‘The pilot had ejected safely from the aircraft and was recovered before she got there to provide air cover.’
    • ‘Troops should be moved rapidly and undetectably, with reliable air cover and skilful command and control.’
    • ‘Nor would the alliance provide air cover to protect peacekeepers and prevent the bombing of villages.’


air cover