Definition of air cooler in English:

air cooler


  • A device for reducing the temperature of air, typically inside a building.

    • ‘In that year, only 49 per cent of urban households possessed a TV; 15 per cent owned a refrigerator and 8 per cent had air coolers.’
    • ‘The cargo nearest the air coolers would be chilled and the cargo furthest from them would ripen.’
    • ‘Unlike air coolers that put moisture into the air, air conditioners actually remove moisture, so they are a plus in humid climates and a minus in dry ones.’
    • ‘While a portable air conditioner has more cooling capacity than an air cooler, it has the disadvantage of needing to be vented to the outside.’
    • ‘When fans prove to be inadequate to give you the much-required airy atmosphere, air coolers and air-conditioners become the ideal solution for braving the summer.’
    • ‘This year marks the hundredth anniversary of the mechanized air cooler, a device that has changed the American landscape.’
    • ‘In defence of the air coolers they are pretty quiet but they are still the loudest items in my system.’
    • ‘There has been a surge in power usage in the domestic sector mainly due to the use of air conditioners, air coolers, fans and ice factories working overtime.’
    • ‘Many, if not most, households have televisions and some have air coolers.’
    • ‘Considering the cost of this product, we suggest looking into a performance air cooler for half the price.’
    • ‘The first mechanical air cooler was invented in 1902 through the tinkering of Willis Haviland Carrier - considered the "Father of Cool" by many.’
    • ‘When you're ready to start shopping, check out a few different models of air conditioners and air coolers and discuss your particular needs with a reputable dealer before making your decision.’
    • ‘Thanks to its clever design and the use of high-quality components the system proved to be much more efficient than any air cooler.’
    • ‘Last week she stayed put in her room, while the clatter of spoons and dishes, the noise of loud music and the drone of air coolers from the ground floor below made her restless.’
    • ‘Air coolers these days have reached a sort of an upper limit on their performance.’
    air conditioner, ventilator, blower, aerator
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