Definition of air bladder in English:

air bladder


  • 1An air-filled bladder or sac found in certain animals and plants.

    • ‘And without these air bladders, they'll essentially suffocate.’
    • ‘A curious fact is that certain other fish in the family which lack an air bladder and cannot therefore ‘drum’, are still subject to the family impulse to make a noise, which they do by grinding their teeth.’
    • ‘A third explains that fish maintain the same position in water by filling and emptying a special air bladder in their bodies - pure fabrication.’
    • ‘The owner of the fish store gave Trent some salt to heal her infected air bladder, which he diagnosed.’
    • ‘Key variations are in the shape of the animal's skull, jaw muscles, air bladder - which fish use to rise and sink in water - and, perhaps most noticeably, the wispy barbels, or whiskers, around its mouth.’
    • ‘The bullet torpedoes to the marsh bottom and creates ‘enough concussion that it breaks the fish's air bladder and it floats to the surface.’’
    • ‘Like other darters, this species lacks an air bladder to aid flotation, so it scoots or darts along stream bottoms in short, erratic bursts, attacking and dispatching prey before encamping (albeit briefly) on the bottom again.’
    • ‘The lack of an air bladder enables the fish to rest on the bottom, thus occupying tidepools of variable depth.’
    • ‘Lacking an air bladder, they stayed near the lagoon floor.’
    • ‘Cod have air bladders and those hauled up from deep waters may not be returnable.’
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      another term for swim bladder