Definition of aimlessness in English:



  • See aimless

    • ‘I think we have an aimlessness and a pointlessness out there that this legislation addresses, as well.’
    • ‘His aimlessness and loneliness are echoed in the six other characters.’
    • ‘Jung believed that the more secular, materialistic, and compulsively extraverted our civilization became, the greater the unhappiness, senselessness and aimlessness of our lives.’
    • ‘Many of his novels resemble the telling of a dream conveyed with all its inconsistencies, its aimlessness; enigmatic narratives, balanced somewhere between the unspeakable and that which must be told.’
    • ‘Their conversation has the uncertain, improvised aimlessness of real life, and their relationship is not developed and complicated in any traditionally scripted sense.’