Definition of aimlessly in English:



  • Without purpose or direction.

    ‘we wandered aimlessly round Venice’
    • ‘Their support play was so weak that players kicked the ball aimlessly into space, hoping for a green and red jersey to pick it up.’
    • ‘He seemed to have vanished, and the girl wandered aimlessly down the stairs, feeling lost.’
    • ‘Tom left him wandering aimlessly alone in the fields.’
    • ‘Nothing is more amateurish than to browse aimlessly all over the bookstore.’
    • ‘He turned a TV into an aquarium in which tropical fish drift about aimlessly.’
    • ‘He spends his time hanging around aimlessly, much to the dismay of his parents.’
    • ‘The guards looked rather bored as they sifted aimlessly through the straw at the edges of the cart.’
    • ‘They wander aimlessly inside the mall, unaware of each other, resembling the crowds of shoppers we see any day at the mall.’
    • ‘Brad was floating aimlessly along a dark river.’
    • ‘We drove into the city and cruised around aimlessly for an hour or so.’