Definition of aight in English:


Pronunciation /ʌɪt//ɑːˈʌɪt/

adjective & exclamation

  • as exclamation ‘aight, I'm out’
    non-standard spelling of all right, representing a pronunciation
    as adjective ‘just take it slow, you'll be aight’
    • ‘I don't wanna talk about her, if it's aight with you.’
    • ‘I'm going inside to make sure everything is aight.’
    • ‘At the time, T.I. and I were aight.’
    • ‘Nah, that's aight, I don't drink.’
    • ‘He's aight; he can hold his own.’
    • ‘Don't believe the hype, aight?’
    • ‘For now I would just say to handle your business and make your dreams real, aight?’
    • ‘Aight, show up there bright and early on Monday.’
    • ‘Aight, I get the point.’
    • ‘So I'll see ya when I see ya, aight?’