Definition of aida in English:



mass noun
  • A material consisting of a mesh of small holes, used in cross-stitch embroidery.

    • ‘They include needles, thread - called floss - and the cloth pattern - called an aida.’
    • ‘For a complete stitch, bring the needle up through the fabric, at the bottom left of the stitch, cross one block of the aida fabric and insert the needle at the top right.’
    • ‘I have some aida cloth that is so stiff it's hard to work with. How can I soften it?’
    • ‘Types of fabric which work well for huck weaving are evenly woven and raised threads, such as monk's cloth, aida, or huck cloth/toweling.’
    • ‘For example 8 count aida cloth has 8 cross stitches per inch while 16 count has 16 cross stitches per inch.’