Definition of aid climbing in English:

aid climbing


mass noun
  • Rock climbing using the assistance of objects such as pegs placed in the rock.

    Compare with free climbing
    • ‘There is a big vacuum in big wall and aid climbing information and Dr. Piton's fundamentals help more people get to the summit than ever before.’
    • ‘Oh well, we were decked out for aid climbing anyway.’
    • ‘They've also replaced the single stem trigger with an ergonomic loop; this loop makes it easier to grab and place, and it also provides a direct clip-in point for aid climbing.’
    • ‘The good news about aid climbing ratings is that the whole world generally uses a single scale that goes from A1 to A5.’
    • ‘The next level is aid climbing, which involves setting anchors into the side of the mountain and climbing at times where you're only using the rope.’
    • ‘For five days now, Sarah and Jim had been up on the Salathé Wall, 35 pitches of exposed off-widths and strenuous crack and aid climbing.’
    • ‘The basic games include: bouldering, indoor climbing, free rock climbing, solo climbing aid climbing, ice climbing and alpine climbing.’
    • ‘John Harlin III, editor of The American Alpine Journal, says using oxygen is a form of aid climbing - relying more on gear than your own ability.’
    • ‘This, I decided, would be a good place to try some aid climbing and resolved that I would return with a drill.’
    • ‘Tejada-Flores outlined a hierarchy of the game consisting of seven basic forms: bouldering, cragging, continuous rock climbing, big-wall / aid climbing, alpine climbing, super-alpine climbing, and expedition climbing.’


aid climbing