Definition of ahead of one's (or its) time in English:

ahead of one's (or its) time


  • Innovative and radical by the standards of the time.

    ‘written at the end of the Fifties, it was a play ahead of its time’
    • ‘Yes, lots of lovely plays, but did you know that his embroidery was decades ahead of its time?’
    • ‘It was a movie far ahead of its time and very different mind-fodder from most of the unmemorable gloss and dross that came out of Hollywood that year.’
    • ‘They heralded the trike as an innovation which was ahead of its time.’
    • ‘Maybe he knew that this new genre was ahead of its time.’
    • ‘There is no reason why it, or something like it, could not be commonplace at some time late in the present century, for like many of Bob's solutions, it is well ahead of its time.’
    • ‘People sense that it was just a movie way ahead of its time, and if people had kept making those kinds of Latin genre movies, it would be huge business today.’
    • ‘In 1999, it was ahead of its time; today, it has come into its own.’
    • ‘Wonderful, spooky, synthesizer score - way ahead of its time.’
    • ‘But it was 1965 and a period when the portrayal of a woman as an all-action fighting machine, who gave men as good as she got, was still way ahead of its time.’
    • ‘School Principal Mary English pointed out just how innovative and ahead of its time the Council was with its constitution.’
    revolutionary, avant-garde, futuristic, innovatory, innovative, innovational, trailblazing, pioneering, groundbreaking, disruptive
    more advanced than, further on than, superior to, outdistancing, outstripping, surpassing, exceeding, better than, prevailing over
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