Definition of aha moment in English:

aha moment


  • A moment of sudden insight or discovery.

    ‘he had an aha moment when looking at my medications past and present’
    • ‘We're flooded with facts about what to do for the environment but we fail to change until a penny drops or we experience an aha moment.’
    • ‘It was one of those aha moments.’
    • ‘Recently, I leafed through your magazine and had these Aha moments about what resonates with readers.’
    • ‘After her aha moment in 2001, she began to make it a priority to find a little time each day for herself.’
    • ‘Did you ever get an aha moment?’
    • ‘His own "aha moment" was a conference in New York City on the eyesight of houseflies, a seemingly arcane topic that nonetheless drew several hundred scientists.’
    • ‘The aha moment for me, however, came here.’
    • ‘I call them my aha moments.’
    • ‘Specifically, what I realized in my car Tuesday night - my AHA moment, if you will - is that I could be happy for the rest of my life just as I am right now.’
    • ‘The surreptitious exchange of satchels between these strangers would be the aha moment of another director's scene; here, it's just routine.’
    • ‘She says this was her "aha moment" and that, looking back over the previous week's schedule, she realised her practice had become overrun with prosperity's unhappy children.’
    • ‘I'm looking for the cyberspace equivalent - the "aha moment" that gets people to think "we've got something truly new on our hands here."’
    • ‘And that aha moment, when you realize what you thought to be true was not, is the crux of all of his work.’
    • ‘But after a few 'aha moments' when their rollovers function or hyperlinks work, these women gain a great deal of confidence in their ability to use technology for their own purposes and in their careers.’
    • ‘There's a sudden aha moment when i realize "hey, I'm a reject."’
    • ‘She talks about the 'new journalism' and when she had her aha moment.’
    • ‘Her belated "aha moment" apparently came with her discovery of the profoundly misnamed "vast right-wing conspiracy."’
    • ‘His aha moment arrived nine years ago when the band teacher at Medford High School called to ask him if he had any suggestions for sterilizing an instrument.’
    • ‘I think it can be a powerful collaboration tool, but I've still yet to have my aha moment with it.’
    • ‘After an aha moment, he suddenly realizes that they're seeking the tomb of none other than the famous physicist Sir Isaac Newton.’
    finding out, learning, realization, recognition, detection, determination
    understand, realize
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