Definition of agroterrorism in English:



  • [mass noun] Terrorist acts intended to disrupt or damage a country's agriculture, especially the use of a biological agent against crops or livestock.

    • ‘They are perhaps the biggest part of the solution to the problems of our food system and threat of agroterrorism.’
    • ‘The fact sheets cover foreign animal diseases, agents of bioterrorism and agroterrorism, and reportable diseases.’
    • ‘Our best defense against agroterrorism is not creation of a new payroll of food inspectors.’
    • ‘I think agro-terrorism is potentially much more likely than a significant or a militarily significant attack against humans.’
    • ‘Two years ago, when he stepped down as secretary of Health and Human Services, he called agroterrorism a grave concern for this country.’
    • ‘In Ford County, Kan., law enforcement, veterinarians and others have launched a neighborhood watch-style program to mitigate the threat of agroterrorism.’
    • ‘He said that one of the important things to remember about agro-terrorism is that you don't see any immediate impact when a fungal pathogen is introduced in the crop cycle.’
    • ‘Last year the issue of plant biosecurity was given an extra edge: agro terrorism, using plant pathogens, is just as likely and easier than terrorism against people.’
    • ‘Genetic engineering will become a biological weapon used for agro-terrorism.’
    • ‘The role of veterinarians as first responders to outbreaks of animal disease is central to national efforts to defend against agroterrorism.’
    • ‘How real is this threat of agro-terrorism?’
    • ‘It forced Washington to look inland as well as globally, to ponder homeland security, even agroterrorism.’
    • ‘He emphasized the importance of veterinary and public health roles in preventing and responding to agroterrorism and bioterrorism.’
    • ‘The complexities of agro terrorism are fascinating.’
    • ‘Welcome to the 21st century - and the threat of agroterrorism.’
    • ‘If farmers are to serve as the first line of defense against agroterrorism, policy makers and security experts need to recognize that family farmers possess a unique armory of weapons.’
    • ‘One insidious aspect of agro-terrorism against livestock is that it can be difficult to differentiate between a naturally occurring disease outbreak and one caused by a terrorist.’
    • ‘Agroterrorism would be punishable by fines, imprisonment for up to life, and carry the death penalty in the most serious cases.’
    • ‘He supports placing a veterinarian in one of the federal agencies, given the emphasis on biosecurity and agroterrorism.’
    • ‘"Agricultural producers and even pet owners may be the first Americans to witness an attack of agroterrorism or bioterrorism."’