Definition of agrobiological in English:



  • See agrobiology

    • ‘Students in our course are requested not only to study the fundamentals of agrobiological production but also to carry out their major research in a specific field so as to acquire highly integrated techniques.’
    • ‘Direct seeding over permanent soil cover is a major agrobiological pathway for the management of cropping systems and aimed, among many other things, at completely halting erosion.’
    • ‘Investigation of agrobiological and technological properties of new French table vine species of vine grape.’
    • ‘In the Second Five-year Plan, the Institute will focus on the sophistication of agrobiological resources: we will utilize those resources that we have built up in the course of research on the genes of rice, silkworms, and pigs and will secure other genetic resources.’
    • ‘Dr Curtis, an associate professor at the Japanese national institute of agrobiological science, Tsukuba, abandoned traditional methods of producing GM plants by tissue culture because radish shoots produced by this method died.’