Definition of agro-industrial in English:



  • See agro-industry

    • ‘The rapeseed, like many other GM crops designed by agro-industrial corporations, is designed to resist herbicides, so that farmers can use a broad spectrum of powerful weedkillers.’
    • ‘Farm and agro-industrial products enjoyed export growth of 13.5% and 24.9% respectively during the January-August period.’
    • ‘Improving the way we manage water used in agriculture is especially key because more than 70 percent of the water used in the world today goes to irrigating crops and other agro-industrial uses.’
    • ‘The co-op built a $6 million agro-industrial complex that includes a 100-car rail-spur and a 600,000-bushel elevator to load unit trains.’
    • ‘These were further developed in the 1960s when agro-industrial complexes were set up to grow crops as well as producing fertilizers, pesticides, and other agrochemicals.’