Definition of agrion in English:



  • A large damselfly that has a body with a metallic sheen.

    Genus Agrion (or Calopteryx), family Calopterygidae: numerous species

    Also called demoiselle
    • ‘A Banded Agrion Damselfly passed through my south Lancing garden at fence height without pausing to explore.’
    • ‘In the wings of pupae of many insects, the circulation may be seen; in that of the Agrion puella, a small Dragon-fly, each of the "nerves" of the wings contain trachae, or air-tubes, which branch off from the larger system in the body.’
    • ‘The River Gowy, which scythes through the site, provides additional habitats along its steep banks – the branded agrion (damselfly) is a splendid sight in the summer.’
    • ‘The length of the second segment in Agrion antennata shoes that it does not belong to the genus Agrion in its stricter sense.’
    • ‘Yesterday, while I was out, Sheila was lucky enough to see a Red Admiral butterfly, and more unusually, a Banded Agrion Damselfly which landed very close to her.’


Greek, neuter of agrios ‘wild’.