Definition of agreeableness in English:



  • See agreeable

    • ‘Such was his good nature and sheer agreeableness that even after only a brief conversation with him the day was enhanced.’
    • ‘When managed destructively, however, there are numerous negative outcomes, such as detachment from school and lower grades, lower self-concept, undermined self-esteem and self-confidence, and low agreeableness.’
    • ‘The reason for the difference between studies, says Gosling, may be that extroversion and agreeableness are interpersonal traits that require more information about how the person interacts with other people.’
    • ‘The study also suggested that agreeableness improved throughout life and particularly during people's 30s.’
    • ‘Brent Donnellan, a psychologist from the University of California, Davis, who has looked at traits that contribute to a long-lasting marriage, identified openness and agreeableness as key factors.’