Definition of agility in English:



mass noun
  • 1Ability to move quickly and easily.

    ‘though he was without formal training as dancer or athlete, his physical agility was inexhaustible’
    • ‘Skipping sculpts legs and improves agility and coordination.’
    • ‘Prophylactic knee braces limit speed and agility, so players typically avoid routine brace wear.’
    • ‘They amazed audiences with their dancing agility.’
    • ‘A seal has come to join us, and of course to demonstrate to us its superior underwater agility.’
    • ‘Vitamin D may help improve musculoskeletal function and increase agility.’
    • ‘He focuses on his hero's physical body and gives priority to agility, skill, and performance.’
    • ‘He is a being with no preternatural qualities, and differs from real living animals only in extreme smallness and agility.’
    • ‘Their size and agility makes them ideal for hazardous assignments.’
    • ‘The tribe performs bird and animal dances with vivid miming and powerful muscular agility.’
    • ‘He clambers over the machinery with the agility of a monkey.’
    1. 1.1 Ability to think and understand quickly.
      ‘games teach hand–eye coordination, mental agility, and alertness’
      • ‘It's a good example of our agility in sharing ideas across the globe.’
      • ‘The company will operate with agility and innovation, taking advantage of every available consumer interaction.’
      • ‘While his physical movements may be slow, his mental agility is clearly on display.’
      • ‘They quickly learn that mental strength and agility are as important as physical strength and agility.’
      • ‘The owner and his team have displayed a remarkable agility in offering options to meet the diverse needs of the dining public.’
      • ‘Linguistic agility blends those diverse ingredients into a smooth mix.’
      • ‘Strategic resilience builds an ingrained agility that enables a company to be making its future rather than defending its past.’
      • ‘It's in play that cognitive agility really develops.’
      • ‘It brings a degree of agility to these problems.’
      • ‘Whether convening meetings between scientists and sociologists or converting calculus to algebra, he brings his own agility to medical problem-solving.’