Definition of aggressively in English:



  • 1In a manner resulting from or betraying aggression.

    ‘he resisted violently and continued to behave aggressively in the police car’
    • ‘He behaves so aggressively in his new home that he is rehoused with an old couple who could give him everything he lacks.’
    • ‘After he attempted to take his first shot, he was quickly and aggressively stopped by one of their adult officers.’
    • ‘They are known as ferocious predators that aggressively attack anything that looks like lunch, and this one proved it.’
    • ‘Men might respond aggressively because they see the other man as a threat, attracting female attention away from themselves.’
    • ‘It's passive intent aggressively stated in a way that targets specific people, making them feel insulted.’
    • ‘While killer bees carry less venom than their cousins, they more aggressively defend their nest.’
    • ‘A few ounces of the liquid will clear even aggressively feeding sharks from an area, out of visual range, for up to several hours.’
    • ‘Aggressively, it thrusts its wings back and its head forward, beak jabbing.’
    • ‘This decision has changed into an addiction to use military force and violence, aggressively as well as defensively.’
    • ‘To complain is to speak out about this, and we can do so petulantly, aggressively, calmly, pointlessly, or constructively.’
    1. 1.1 In a determined and forceful way.
      ‘foreign-owned banks are aggressively marketing credit cards’
      • ‘Gone are the days when we needed to sell aggressively.’
      • ‘We are excited about moving into this market segment more aggressively.’
      • ‘With prices low, their executive director believes more should be done to aggressively promote butter.’
      • ‘The company has expanded aggressively in recent years, growing to 1,231 stores in 13 countries.’
      • ‘Newspapers report aggressively on corruption, and books freely critique many government policies.’
      • ‘Their agencies have worked aggressively to deliver the green goods to the nation's farmers.’
      • ‘The only way to keep generating cash is to aggressively cut costs.’
      • ‘These companies are expanding aggressively as more electronic gadgets are made here.’
      • ‘Beset with financial difficulties, they aren't likely to spend as aggressively on research and facilities.’
      • ‘Cable companies are aggressively moving in on phone customers by offering an alternative service using Internet technology.’