Definition of agglutinogen in English:



  • An antigenic substance present in blood cells, bacteria, etc., which stimulates the formation of an agglutinin in blood serum.

    • ‘Both grouping is based on the presence and the absence of agglutinogens and their specific agglutinins.’
    • ‘Your blood type is a description of what kinds of agglutinogens are present on the surfaces of your own red blood cells.’
    • ‘In order for a transfusion to work it is essential that the agglutinogens on the surface of the donor's blood cells match the agglutinogens on the surface of the recipient's blood cells.’
    • ‘Group O lacks agglutinogens, but the serum contains both the anti-A and anti-B agglutinins.’
    • ‘These recognize and respond to agglutinogens that are not recognized as ‘self.’’