Definition of agglomeration in English:



  • A mass or collection of things; an assemblage.

    ‘the arts centre is an agglomeration of theatres, galleries, shops, restaurants and bars’
    • ‘They are the necessary ‘housekeeping’ genes, which regulate and make possible the transactions between our separate cells, and keep us functioning as organisms, rather than cancerous agglomerations.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the Standard Embassy Design is producing buildings that are little more than horizontal blocks or interlocking agglomerations thereof.’
    • ‘A democracy erected on the foundations of social choice theory will see the role of politics as a stage on which different agglomerations of self-interest bargain and reach workable compromises.’
    • ‘It's a little crackpot, but the whole thing is so damned good-natured you can't give it much fault for being an agglomeration of genre clichés.’
    • ‘If you look at the statistics for the most populated agglomerations, which include a central city and neighbouring communities linked to it, then Tokyo in Japan is the world's most populated city with 33.9 million residents.’
    collection, mass, cluster, lump, clump, pile, heap, bunch, stack, bundle, quantity, hoard, store, stockpile
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