Definition of agentive in English:



  • See agent

    • ‘First, a noun form of the verb, i.e. gerund or agentive noun, is combined with some other word to make a compound word.’
    • ‘However, it indeed would be a devilishly subtle inflection: to imply that someone is aspiring above his station, merely by failing to reduce the vowel of the agentive suffix.’
    • ‘Searle contrasts status functions with causal agentive functions, and a causally functioning physical object with a symbolic object.’
    • ‘There is variation between er and or in the spelling of the agentive suffix in the words adapter/adaptor, adviser/advisor, convener/convenor, imposter/impostor:.’
    • ‘Lingering questions from my senior thesis on the historical lexico-morphological development of the er agentive in English.’