Definition of ageist in English:


noun & adjective

  • See ageism

    • ‘People don't see themselves as ageists but it is prevalent.’
    • ‘On the bright side, Kornhaber found that grandchildren with close grandparenting relationships tended to be neither ageist nor sexist and did not fear death.’
    • ‘Patty converted to the SLA cause and took part in a famous bank raid, disowned her family and called her ex-boyfriend a ‘sexist, ageist pig’.’
    • ‘I filed it with other letters I had received in the past, some calling me racist, ageist, sexist, biased-for-ballet, biased-against-ballet, and so forth.’
    • ‘The evidence tends to suggest that the ageist prejudice of today's affluent world - the idea that most of us burn out in our fifties and might as well devote our remaining span to relaxation - is long overdue for re-examination.’
    • ‘Their door policy was racist, exclusionist, ageist even.’
    • ‘Sexist, ageist comment there I think - the 70-80 year old woman who lives next door to me would use stronger language about Blair!’
    • ‘Midlife women in Western society face both sexist and ageist pressures to hide any signs of aging in order to be considered attractive.’
    • ‘We don't operate an ageist policy and we don't have a rule that says anyone over 40 or 50 is too old to do the job.’
    • ‘I am just so sick of this ageist attitude these days and would like to point out that simply because I'm 17, it does not mean I should be treated with any less manners or respect of someone who is over the magically divine age of 18!’
    • ‘Feminism deals with the fact that women face obstacles that are specific to them as a result of living in a patriarchal society, just as elderly people inevitably struggle in an ageist society, etc.’
    • ‘Perhaps the elderly are lazy or maybe they're inhibited by our ageist prejudices.’
    • ‘They cast the retired as a burden on the young worker in an attempt to whip up ageist prejudice.’
    • ‘The question is sexist and ageist, and certainly can also be racist since the typical mass media portrait of out-of-wedlock adolescent parents is of young people of color.’
    • ‘Ms Hewitt said: ‘We must challenge the ageist assumption that younger employees make the best workers.’’
    • ‘Almost half of all Americans say that traditional acts of courtesy, like opening a door, are sometimes misinterpreted as being sexist or ageist.’
    • ‘It's very sexist, it's very racist, it's very ageist, it's very us-and-them, it's very exclusionary.’
    • ‘Music is the great communicator, a global language that breaks down political, racial and ageist barriers.’
    • ‘Continued racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist, and ableist institutions and behavior create particular circumstances for these groups, usually disadvantaging them in their opportunity to develop their capacities.’
    • ‘Like all stereotypes and prejudices, ageist assumptions about our teenagers can have negative consequences for their lives.’
    • ‘However older people still suffer ageist barriers once they turn 65.’