Definition of age of innocence in English:

age of innocence


  • A time when a person or society exists in a state of childlike simplicity or naivety.

    • ‘I think it was a sort of age of innocence, before going to university, when he was still a Yorkshire boy really, and he talked about that time in a very nostalgic way.’
    • ‘People would gather to mark the last, defining moment of Motherwell Football Club's age of innocence, even despite the swathe of redundancies that had foretold it months earlier.’
    • ‘They therefore recognise that we cannot escape back to some Norman Rockwell-like age of innocence and isolationism, and fear we are alienating too much of a world to which we are now tightly and inexorably bound.’
    • ‘He was no less inclined to speculate on the golf course during that breathtaking age of innocence.’
    • ‘Under protocols developed during cyberspace's age of innocence, if an Internet router claims that it owns a block of address space, the rest of the Internet will take it at its word, and route to it all the traffic for that address block.’