Definition of agave in English:



  • A succulent plant with rosettes of narrow spiny leaves and tall flower spikes, native to the southern US and tropical America.

    Genus Agave, family Agavaceae: numerous species, including the century plant

    • ‘Maguey is a kind of agave with succulent leaves and a sharp thorn on the tip.’
    • ‘Plants such as tree ferns, agaves and olive trees can all be grown quite well.’
    • ‘In warmer climates such as those of California and Texas, I've seen it growing with desert plants like cactus and agave.’
    • ‘The often steep and rugged lower slopes of the mountains are dominated by cacti, agaves, yuccas, and thorn-bearing shrubs.’
    • ‘Spiny agaves are limited to the front yard, while softer plants grow in back, where the children play.’
    • ‘Hot yellows and reds are very popular right now and in the last five years agaves and yuccas have been making impressive architectural statements in gardens.’
    • ‘Species with leathery leaves such as agaves, aloes, echeverias and sanseverias are the obvious choice because they can tolerate extremes of heat, cold and drought.’
    • ‘Some vascular plants have also developed succulence, a condition in which the tissues are spongy and swollen for storing water, as in cacti and agaves.’
    • ‘Succulent plants such as agaves, aloes, and echeverias are often associated with heat-loving landscapes.’
    • ‘A sustainable cropping system is used to harvest the agave plants just before they flower.’
    • ‘As a native Californian, she was particularly drawn to plants that define Southern California gardening, such as agaves, bush anemones, cycads, and New Zealand flax.’
    • ‘Hosta sieboldiana ‘Elegans’, the grey-blue tinge of an agave and the blue flowers of nepeta all work in harmony with the piece.’
    • ‘Indeed, Mediterranean plants and succulents like agaves work splendidly in coastal and desert plantings.’
    • ‘Two features make the Chihuahuan Desert region unique: the vast temperate grasslands that skirt the mountain flanks at mid-elevation and the diversity of yuccas and agaves.’
    • ‘They lead into pine forests as well as impressive stands of coastal sage scrub and chaparral communities notable for Mojave yuccas, prickly pear, and agaves.’
    • ‘Anchor the landscape with permanent plants that look good year-round; Armann planted agave, lantana, rosemary, and yucca.’
    • ‘Rather spookily, an agave and some opium poppies had survived last winter almost unscathed.’
    • ‘While the garden's toughest souls - including agaves, plumbago and ornamental grasses - remain healthy enough to prevent us from feeling total despair, other plants are showing signs of stress.’
    • ‘As we began descending from mountains into the desert, I saw agaves, cacti, and ocotillo thriving on the dry, rugged slopes.’
    • ‘Its larger counterpart, the agave or century plant, like a tank-trap, can still be seen used as a washing line, with the clothes hung on the huge spikes.’


Latin, from Greek Agauē, the name of one of the daughters of Cadmus in Greek mythology, from agauos ‘illustrious’.