Definition of agarbatti in English:



  • A joss stick.

    ‘he had two agarbattis burning in front of the picture’
    • ‘The school provides basic elementary education and also helps them to produce various products like hand-made agarbattis and perfumes etc.’
    • ‘We organized workers primarily through nine occupation-wide campaigns, including SEWA's traditional membership base: bidi, garment, agarbatti or incense-stick workers and construction workers.’
    • ‘Even the young display a healthy reverence for our gods and traditions and its not rare to see Chinese and Singaporean youth bowing before the entrance and lighting joss sticks or agarbattis as we call them.’
    • ‘Also in demand are bamboo products - flower vases, baskets, agarbatti stands, wall hangers and table lamps.’
    • ‘The candles and the smell of the agarbattis and rose petals.’
    • ‘To obtain data of hand dimensions, the women working in informal industries (beedi making, garment manufacturing, agarbatti making) in a locality at the outskirts of Ahmedabad city were selected during 1998-1999.’
    • ‘The heady aroma of diesel and agarbatti brings to mind the dash and swagger of long-distance bus and truck drivers.’
    • ‘Home based workers like weavers, potters, bidi, agarbatti and papad rollers, garment makers, processors of various types of agricultural produce and craftswomen.’
    • ‘In stifling rooms in the slums of Nagpur, a city in eastern Maharashtra, women and girls sit rolling agarbattis through the day to earn Rs 5 for 1,000 pieces.’
    • ‘The children were from a wide range of occupations - agriculture, domestic labour, quarries, brick kilns, sericulture, construction, fisheries, gem cutting, making matches, fireworks, beedi, agarbatti and rope - many banned by law.’


From Hindi agarbattī.